An Appraisal Survey, or 'walk through' survey is recommended:
  • - To give a general overview of the Yachts condition.
  • - To identify any major problems with the Yacht
  • - If you are unsure of what type of yacht you wish to buy
  • - If you have chosen a number of yachts and you wish to narrow down which one is most suitable for you.
  • - An economical way of evaluating a yacht, or multiple yachts.
  • - Buyer does not need to have seen the yacht.
  • - The survey format and procedure is flexible and can be tailored directly to any specific buyer requirements.
Yachts up to 12 metres or approxiamately 40 feet are completed within three hours. Even for a large
yacht the Appraisal Survey would be finished within one day.

Before the purchase of a yacht a Full Condition Survey is
always recommended.

To receive a quote for an Appraisal Survey, contact us directly with your requirements.