The aim of a Full Condition Survey, commonly known as a Pre-Purchase Survey is to identify and detail the yachts defects. It is tailored to each specific vessel and construction material through specific approaches and equipment.

The Full Condition Survey is recommended if:
  • - You are buying a second hand yacht
  • - Having your new yacht handed over after delivery
  • - Or having your yacht returned after the end of contract with a Yacht Charter Company.

The Full Condition Survey is normally carried out once a new buyer has decided which yacht they want. If a new buyer is still undecided then the Appraisal Survey could be considered. This survey only gives a superficial overview of the yachts condition so it is always followed by a Full Condition Survey before any purchase.

Robs Marine Surveying carries out full condition surveys in accordance with internationally recognised codes of practice drawn up by the international surveying organisations.

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