The Machinery and Systems Survey is recommended after a Yacht refit, where machinery and systems have changed, or on a newly commissioned yacht to test the new systems.

Machinery and Systems surveys almost always include:
  • - A sea trial
  • - The engines being run and operated from all control stations.
  • - The engines performance tested to engine manufacturers specifications.
  • - All the ships systems run and tested for operation.
Robs Marine Surveying conducts thorough testing on multiple machinery & systems including:
  • - Main engine tested for performance under load
  • - Gearbox for smooth operation in ahead and reverse
  • - Bow/stern thrusters and trim tabs
  • - Generator performance under load
  • - Steering lock to lock when moving ahead and astern, autopilot system
  • - Fresh water systems; tanks, pumps and water maker operation
  • - Sewage system; toilets, holding tanks and pumping
  • - Bilge pumping
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